Vision who we are

Capitol Flexi-Pave is a certified Woman-Owned Small Business, founded by experienced, degreed urban foresters. We are committed to providing innovative “green” solutions using the unique and adaptable Flexi-Pave material.

Background how we got here

Before establishing Capitol Flexi-Pave we spent years designing new ways to preserve trees in challenging urban settings. Naturally we were invested in learning about paving solutions which could potentially solve the environmental obstacles we faced on our job sites. There were porous concrete and rubber pavements, but those options suffered from limitations such as warping in extreme weather and significant maintenance requirements. When we encountered Flexi-Pave and learned about its resilience, adaptability, and amazing porosity we were sold. Flexi-Pave was a product that could meet real world demands for both quality of construction and preservation of natural resources. Shortly thereafter we became the District of Columbia’s certified installer of Flexi-Pave. We have since expanded and presently operate in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Texas.

Experience where we come from

The founders of Capitol Flexi-Pave are degreed urban foresters with years of experience designing solutions for clients who desire to preserve natural resources within the limitations of a city environment. They have worked at numerous high profile and sensitive job sites including the White House, the Supreme Court of the United States, military bases, US Capitol Perimeter Security projects, the Library of Congress, and many other government and historical locations. Capitol Flexi-Pave provides the unique blend of experience with the superior qualities of the Flexi-Pave material. We bring that advantage to every project from individual homeowners to the largest government and city contracts. Please take the opportunity to learn more about the Flexi-Pave product, its many applications, and its environmental benefits.