Get Inspired experience unfettered design with Flexi®-Pave

Flexi®-Pave is a wonderfully unique and diverse construction material. The broad variety in Flexi®-Pave applications and color choices will give you creative options impossible to reproduce with conventional alternatives. Deliver practical, durable, environmentally friendly, and beautiful designs unbound by traditional limitations.

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Also see our Architectural Aggregate Options v2c These stone variations can be used as the 100% top wear course for Flexi-Stone products (FS500, FS1000, FS2000 & FSX2000). They can also be used in our flagship product Flexi-Pave (HD1000, HD1500, HD2000, HD2000+ & HDX2000) to replace the standard grey granite chips that are mixed with our colored crumb rubber. Mixing the 20 base colors of crumb rubber with 1 or 2 of these 49 stone varieties provides nearly 2000 distinctly different color options for Flexi-Pave.

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Color - River RockRiver Rock
Color - Forest BedForest Bed
Color - Coal MineCoal Mine
Color - Black RaspberryBlack Raspberry
Color - PewterPewter
Color - Emerald RubyEmerald Ruby
Color - Shadow GreenShadow Green
Color - Irish EbonyIrish Ebony
Color - Earl GreyEarl Grey
Color - PeppermillPeppermill
Color - CayenneCayenne
Color - Spotted CrimsonSpotted Crimson
Color - Mountain ViewMountain View
Color - UmberUmber
Color - CoffeeCoffee
Color - CometComet
Color - Mossy SlateMossy Slate
Color - CabernetCabernet
Color - Forest GreenForest Green
Color - ChestnutChestnut
Color - CocoaCocoa
Color - EbonyEbony
Color - Olive FogOlive Fog
Color - RedwoodRedwood
Color - EvergreenEvergreen
Color - CypressCypress
Color - ChocolateChocolate