The dynamic Flexi®-Pave material provides the perfect medium for creative and sustainable ‘green’ construction projects. It is the perfect solution whether you are looking to preserve natural resources within an urban environment, or building near delicate ecosystems (e.g., wetlands). Flexi®-Pave is highly porous, promoting groundwater recharge at the rate of 2,000 gallons per square foot, per hour. This leads to healthier tree growth and a solid root base enhanced by natural water and air reaching the roots. Furthermore, Flexi®-Pave removes nutrient loading associated with storm water runoff (reducing dissolved nitrates and phosphates entering into the groundwater). In addition to the numerous benefits Flexi®-Pave provides once installed on your site, the product is also made from recycled tires. 50% of the content of the mixed material is comprised of rubber granulate equating to 1/3 of a tire per square foot. By using Flexi®-Pave on your job site you will be taking waste tires out of landfills and using them to create low maintenance and long lasting solutions for your environmental challenges.

LEED Qualifications:

Contributor to 6 of 7 categories:

  1. SSc6.1 Stormwater Design, Quantity Control (1+ point) – applies to landscaping and water usage
  2. SSc6.2 Stormwater Design, Quality Control (1+ point)
  3. MRc4.1/4.2 Recycled Content, 10%/20%/30% (1-2+ points) – up to 2 points are awarded to materials which are recyclable, or use recycled materials in their infrastructure
  4. MRc5.1/5.2 Regional Materials, 10%/20%/30% (1-2+ points) – this category can earn 1 point if 20% of all materials used are manufactured within a 500 mile radius of the project, and 2 points if half of the materials are.
  5. IDc1 Innovation in Design (1+ point): this category encourages designers to use new and creative construction approaches, in which flexi-pave may play a role.

Environmental Testing

Is the finished Flexi®-Pave product flammable? NO

Tire chips were tested in accordance with the Federal Hazardous Substance Act (16 CFR 1500.44) to determine whether tire material would be considered flammable (a material is considered flammable if it ignites and burns with a self-sustained flame at a rate greater than 0.1 inches per second along its major axis). From the test results it was concluded that scrap tire material is considered a non-flammable material.

Does Flexi®-Pave cause water pollution? NO

It was concluded by Dana N. Humphrey, Ph.D., P.E., Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Maine in a report dated 1993-1997 as results from a 5 year field study of the water quality effects of tire shreds placed above the water table – show that tire shreds had a negligible impact on water quality for the near neutral ph conditions.