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Take advantage of the Flexi-­Pave suite of products to deliver high-end porous paving solutions that are durable, beautiful, and sustainable. No other product on the market can surpass the environmental benefits offered by Flexi-Pave. Our unique solutions are LEED and LID certified and versatile enough to be applied both in challenging urban settings and adjacent to sensitive ecosystems.

Flexi-­Pave products consume immense quantities of waste tires by converting them into an extremely strong and diverse construction material. This porous pavement outpaces competing construction materials in a variety of ways. It is durable, performing well even in extreme weather conditions including freeze and thaw situations. Since Flexi-Pave products are non-cracking, trip and fall liabilities that are normally caused by sheering or root intrusion are vastly reduced, if not completely eliminated. Flexi-Pave surfaces are ergonomic and exceed ADA guidelines, all while lowering maintenance costs.

Invisible pavement? how Flexi-Pave can improve your pervious/impervious surface ratio

Impervious surfaces create real world problems in construction. Not only are impervious surfaces an environmental concern, but the presence of such surfaces places serious constraints on design and construction. Flexi-Pave porous pavement avoids the problems associated with other forms of pavement by allowing water to flow through to the underlying soil. This promotes natural ground water recharge and the healthy growth of trees. In fact, Flexi-Pave is considered ‘invisible’ when calculating the pervious/impervious ratio on your construction site. With this amazing, sustainable material you can both solve practical construction problems and support environmental health.

Services explore the uses of this versatile material

Fitness Trails Flexi-Pave offers an ergonomic, tactile surface that provides sound dampening qualities. It exceeds ADA guidelines with minimized trip and fall hazards. This low maintenance pavement will not wash away in storm conditions.

Tree Surrounds Deliver comprehensive, environmentally responsible solutions in challenging urban settings. Our tree surrounds lower maintenance costs while promoting healthier trees by allowing water to flow freely through to the root system.

Walkways/Sidewalks This product offers superior user comfort and exceeds ADA guidelines with minimized trip and fall hazards. Flexi-Pave walkways bind with adjacent construction materials and lower long term maintenance costs.

Parking Lots Flexi-Pave parking lots, parking stalls, and equipment pads offer the ultimate solutions for storm water management and ground water recharge.

Medians The Flexi-­Pave material is the perfect storm water management solution, and it will not float or washout with heavy rains. It also provides a barrier for weed intrusion.

Potholes With Flexi-Pot Hole material, you will no longer have the vehicle traffic nuisances. This durable remedy will last many seasons through extreme weather conditions.

Playgrounds This product offers superior user comfort with an ergonomic, tactile surface. Additionally, it is non-cracking, low maintenance, and allows water to flow through, avoiding puddling/flooding.

Embankments Flexi-Bank is the perfect sustainable embankment stabilization solution. In addition, the product offers an inherent water filtering capability, reducing dissolved nitrates and phosphates often carried in stormwater runoff.

Erosion Flexi-Pave products provide a unique sustainable solution when you need to preserve natural resources within an urban environment, or build near delicate ecosystems. Cannot be out-performed, especially under storm conditions.

Roofing Flexi-Roofs prevent heat absorption, are resistant to wind shear, naturally resistant to mildew, noise deadening, and impact absorbing. Intended for flat surface applications, it provides numerous environmental and practical benefits.

  • Fitness Trails
  • Tree Surrounds
  • Walkways/Sidewalks
  • Parking Lots
  • Medians
  • Pot Hole Repair
  • Playgrounds
  • Embankment Stabilization
  • Erosion Control
  • Roofing
  • More…
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