Improve your home with Flexi-Pave Materials

Take advantage of the Flexi-­Pave suite of products to improve your home. Flexi-Pave is a high-end porous paving product, turning driveways and walkways into beautiful and durable works of art. This singular product is environmentally friendly, consuming immense quantities of waste tires by converting them into an extremely strong and diverse construction material.

You invest in granite countertops, walnut cabinetry, or marble foyers to bring the best out of your home; don’t settle for asphalt for your driveway.

Flexi-­Pave products offer sustainable solutions for driveways and walkways, and can be coupled with snow melt systems to provide the perfect combination during harsh winter weather. Flexi-Pave performs like no other construction material, even in extreme weather conditions including freeze and thaw applications. Since Flexi-Pave products are non-cracking, trip and fall hazards that are normally caused by sheering or root intrusion are vastly reduced, if not completely elimi­nated.

Services how Flexi-Pave can improve your home

Home Driveway

Flexi-Pave products allow for ground water recharge, promoting healthier trees and plants, and improving storm water management and water diffusion. This high quality material will not crack or chip, and can be seamlessly poured in place even on steep grades (up to 33%).


Capitol Flexi-Pave is happy to be partnering with WarmZone Premier Radiant Heating to bring you the best snow solutions. Equip your Flexi-Pave driveway with an electric heated snow melt system and say goodbye to shoveling.